Altra is a private equity fund manager established in early 2005 in Bogotá, Colombia, whose investment focus is the Andean Region and Central America, with special emphasis on Colombia and Peru.

The investment team of the firm has over 80 years of direct relevant experience in the region. To date, Altra has invested in nineteen (19) companies, has raised USD 547 million of capital commitments from a diversified group of investors and has mobilized USD 757 million including reserves, co-investments, and 3rd party partnerships.

The pull of investors includes leading public and private pension funds, funds-of-funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, development funds, endowments and foundations. Altra’s operations are based in Colombia, Perú, Chile and Central America.

The firm has a priority for integrity in its operations and daily work, reflecting transparency and transmitting trust to investors, portfolio companies and employees.
Altra considers its team along with its reputation to be the firm's most important assets. Throughout its operation, the firm has managed to develop a strong culture, hosting one of the most talented and trusted investment teams in the region.
The team is committed entirely to the adequate development of the investments made, adopting an active management role and a close involvement in the daily performance of each of its portfolio companies.
The firm cares about the social and environmental performance of the portfolio companies, supporting the implementation of training programs and strengthening projects in these areas.


  1. Altra is founded

    Altra acquires Digitex (BPO / Contact Center Industry)

  2. Altra acquires Colfrigos (Cold Chain Logistics Industry)

    Altra acquires Infarmasa (Pharmaceutical Industry)

  3. Closing of first local institutional fund Altra

  4. Closing of first international institutional fund APEF I, APEF I-A

    Altra acquires Proenfar (Specialized Plasic Containers Industry)

    Altra acquires PetroTiger (Oil & Gas Services Industry)

  5. Altra acquires Semiglo (Mining Services Industry)

    Capitalization of PetroTiger by AIMCO

    Altra acquires Termoyopal (Power Generation Industry)

  6. Altra sells Infarmasa to Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

    Altra acquires CrediQ (Financial Services Industry)

  7. Altra acquires Saturno (Logistics Industry)

    First Closing of the second international institutional Fund FCP II, APEF II, APEF II-A

  8. Final Closing of the second international institutional Fund FCP II, APEF II, APEF II-A

    Altra acquires Valrex (Waste and Water Management Services Industry)

    Altra acquires AUSA (Logistics Industry)

    Altra acquires Cosapi Data (IT Services Industry)

    Altra sells Colfrigos to Grupo Ransa

  9. Altra acquires Prosalon (Specialized Retailing Industry)

    Altra acquires Coremar (Integrated Logistics Industry)

    Altra acquires Termovalle (Power Generation Industry)

    Altra acquires Acoinsa (Specialized Logistics Industry)

  10. Altra completes 10 years of operation

  11. Altra acquires Industria Ambiental (Waste and Water Management Services Industry)

    Altra sells Digitex to The Carlyle Group

  12. Altra invests in Grupo Reve (Hard Discount Retailing Industry)

  13. Altra sells Proenfar to Weener Plastics

    Altra sells CrediQ to GrupoQ

    Altra sells Saturno to minority shareholders

  14. Institutional Club Deal, Acquisition of AVLA (Insurance Industry)

  15. Altra sells Termovalle to Enfragen Energia Sur

    Altra sells Termoyopal to Haina Investment Co

    Altra sells Sapia to Stefanini Group


Investment Focus

Altra has established an excellent reputation for and a proven track record of, creating significant value in midcap companies, particularly those that were previously family-owned businesses.

Over the course of this experience, the firm has developed a thorough understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities facing family-owned businesses in Colombia and Peru. In this context, the firm targets equity investments of USD 30 to USD 60 million in companies with revenues ranging from USD 15 to USD 150 million.

Altra has maintained a consistent focus on control and “effective control” investments. The Firm believes that its ability to significantly impact the major strategic, financial, personnel, and operational decisions of its portfolio companies is absolutely critical to maximizing returns for investors while minimizing the attendant risks associated with operating in Colombia, Peru, and across the region. Altra seeks to obtain equity control whenever possible, to ensure that there are mechanisms in place to enable the investment thesis, attract human capital or execute the changes required in the portfolio companies’ operations to reach their maximum potential.


Altra’s disciplined, value-oriented investment strategy takes into consideration and seeks to capitalize on the challenges associated with acquiring, managing, and exiting private equity investments in the region.

Altra leverages its team’s unique combination of skills and experience to proactively target situations that, due to their complexity, are expected to provide opportunities to acquire high potential businesses for attractive prices.

Altra’s investment strategy seeks to maximize returns while mitigating risk by:

  • Focusing efforts in the search of midcap businesses that possess unique capabilities and sustainable competitive advantages.
  • Acquiring companies that have significant potential for improved profitability and growth.
  • Seeking for a value-oriented approach to acquisition pricing and a prudent approach to leverage.
  • Recruiting, incentivizing, and partnering with talented management teams to identify and deploy detailed operational, financial, and strategic initiatives designed to help portfolio companies reach their full potential.
  • Consistently developing well-defined exit strategies prior to investing.

Geographical Presence

Altra focuses mainly in the Andean Region, with particular emphasis in Colombia and Peru. Altra considers that the economies of the region are going through a transition period which generates opportunities for consolidation and formalization in various industries. Additionally, Altra seeks companies that can benefit from the market dynamics of the pacific alliance, through export markets or through internationalization processes to these countries.

Currently, the firm operates seven (7) investments with direct operations in Colombia, Peru, Chile and Central America, for a total amount of USD 757 million of mobilized capital (including reserves, co- investors and partners).



Darío Durán
Director & Co-founder
Juan Pablo Gómez
Adriana Combatt
In-house Counsel
Cristian Muñoz
Mateo Hernandez
Junior Associate
Juan Camilo Muriel
Junior Associate


Street 116 No. 7-15 Intern 2 Office 403, Bogotá.
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